U.S. Pledges Help to #BringBackOurGirls

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Last month, more than 250 Nigerian schoolgirls were kidnapped by extremist militants and are reportedly being married off to their kidnappers in mass weddings. While they have not publicly claimed responsibility, it is strongly suspected that members of the militant Islamic movement known as Boko Haram — a group whose name means “Western education is sinful,” according to the Washington Post — are behind the abductions.

Now in their third week of captivity, the girls are being failed by their government, which has made insufficient efforts to rescue the girls. As a result, their families have taken recovery efforts into their own hands. As PolicyMic recently reported, the mothers of the missing girls marched to Nigeria’s capital, demanding the government do more to help them. The missing girls’ parents have also led their own search team through Sambia Forest, near the school where the girls were taken.

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Not surprisingly, the protests have…

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Quality keeps

Its hard to admit but there is one quality better in men than women.
Men can be assholes; insane; out of line; players; but if you are counted in there ‘real’ friends they will never say anything bad behind your back that they do not intend to on face. On the contrary women prefer saying scratch that exaggerating behind the back rather than speaking on face.
The reason being 90% of the men would rather play a game than play mind games. (Let’s take  5% of the left would be brilliant at bitching no doubt). That’s because its is honestly exhausting to plan or play bitching as it is more complicated than  a chess board game. And honestly straightforward men do not have enough brain to burn on these things. Now you might argue that on biologically a guys brain is bigger than a hits brain bit that’s just extra white matter and I am talking in the social way not in a way of academics.
If you start explaining a guy a root way to act all the individuals in a social club and all the other workings of a society it would be like you are speaking ape language (guys excluded whose either job is that or are born in such still even they would rather like an outdoor walk than an indoor charter with their grandma pals). So,finally I can concluded that this is the quality of a guy I would trade any day with that of a girls that is they have a stomach that can keep secretes and they have a feel of friends forever 🙂 😉


Do tell me what you fell like leave a comment

Soul Windows

I have herd that eyes are also windows to the a persons soul interpreted they are the best avenue to his thoughts. That’s when you look into someone’s eyes and you see what they feel.There was one test(kinda) i wanted to run:


OK you will see

now do as i say

look deep into her eyes and try to figure out the emotions in those eyes. believe me everyone will guess differently.

Because the emotions you will be animating in her eyes are the emotions playing strongest in your mind.

I know this takes a little imagination to think of any emotions are in those eyes but try you will see.

Okay one of the reasons that what I am saying is NO far fetched is  that; have you ever seen an idol of a God, if you haven’t noticed it  yet DO that they (mostly every idol) never have a smile. That’s because we go to God to tell our problems find our solutions and if there is a smile place on their lips the emotions like when we think is wrong and anger is what we should get would get masked by that lips curved up and when in trauma we can’t find the solution.

What I am trying to say is that to every question the answer is within ourselves we use the idols as a means of interpreting those soluthins to us if they don’t  come directly to us in the first place.

so please try this and leave a Comment!

news nails



if you a Big fan of books or news you oath to try these nails out

they are simple yet elite and the are fabulous!

plus the are easy


1.put a base coat


2.Select a nail paint(personally I think grey goes with that but well its a free country 🙂 )


3. now we have to transfer the ink use isopropyl rubbing alcohol can be used


4.Dip your nails in alcohol(you can use water too but then it takes a lot more effort but i still recommend water as it is skin friendly<more>  but it is your choice 😉 )

5. take a news paper piece a and press it against your nail(in case of alcohol just about 5 to 10 seconds is enough but with water try a minute)

6.clean the boundres

7.put the top coat to prevent smudgingImage

AND there you go your new news nails.

🙂 😉 🙂

Do what you do


I think if someone tries to change you from who you are ever the slightest you shouldn’t just go ahead and change you should think why so….. If you get an earnest answer that tells you that you WERE really truly should for him no for yourself then do it if not go and do what the pic says it Serves him right 😉


Hey everyone

Well this IS my first post here and I intend to blog frequently

My pen name is Cathleen and would love to know you all.

Have a dream of being a princess of Hearts ❤

Am a closet poet and lirsist would share when in holydays ie holiday

So lastly  please take care of meImage